Accelerator Wires

Accelerator Wires

Silco Cables manufactures strong and durable accelerator wires for TVS king, Piaggio Ape, Mahindra Alfa, Atul Shakti and all models of Bajaj three wheelers including Bajaj 3W 175cc/ 225cc/ Compact 2S/ Compact 4S/ Optima

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Accelerator Wire: Your Total Control On the Road

Your bike’s overall performance, Speed, Brake, Clutch, Choke, Accelerator, Gear, etc., are supported by small wires/cables working internally to give you the sheer riding joy you want. These wires connect the mind of the rider to the heart of the machine. Likewise, good acceleration of your bike starts with the bike accelerator wire you employ to work to give the best results.

The purpose of the accelerator wire in a bike is to connect its accelerator pedal and throttle body. It is the metal-braided wire which might seem like a trivial integral part of your bike. But if not maintained or fitted properly, it can negatively impact the whole Throttle System of your bike, responsible for controlling the acceleration level in your vehicle. When the driver pushes the pedal down, the action opens the throttle, which lets air and fuel enter the engine to give the system the energy/fuel required to run the vehicle.

With time, your bike’s accelerator wire can become weak, worn out, and could break. Catch the symptoms and know when the wire is failing out. This calls for the need to replace the wire and buying a bike accelerator wire that is durable and provides excellent acceleration. Offering a full range of accelerator wires, get one that fits your needs from Silco. The wire’s inner body is made of metal wire, while the outer is made of both metal and rubber. When on the road and want to experience a smooth-shifting, invest in some good wires from Silco.

Silco Cables manufactures accelerator wires for several two-wheelers and three-wheelers. The list includes TVS King, Piaggio Ape, Mahindra Alfa, Atul Shakti, and all models of Bajaj Three Wheelers, including Bajaj 3W 175cc/ 225cc/ Compact 2S/ Compact 4S/ Optima.


Quick Glance On the USP of Silco Accelerator Wire

  • Friction-Free Performance
  • Gear Compatibility
  • Smooth performance guarantee in tough conditions
  • Robust and Long-Lasting
  • Innovative design as per the bike’s specifications
  • Outstanding Tensile Strength
  • Will provide Trouble Free Shifting
  • Pre-Lubricated with 1000 Grade Silicon Oil
  • Water-Proof Wire
  • Scratch, Corrosion Resistant
  • Light In Weight
  • Easy Maintenance


Benefits Of a Supreme-Quality Accelerator Wire

A robust and high-quality bike accelerator wire supports a good line pressure, downshifting and gives the best feel of the shifting when required.

To all the speed riders, get-set-go in motion confidently and without the fear of accidents as accelerator wire from Silco eliminates the risk of uncontrollable acceleration.

Take a quick and smooth pick-up after rolling over a bump, and experience a jerk-free slow down during all those unexpected hits.

You can manage your adjustments manually, unlike Drive-by-wire. Wires are pocket-friendly and easy-to-maintain.

With acceleration wire, we make it easier for you to shut the power—no more fighting with the brakes.

The quality of the finished raw material is directly related to the performance of the final product. Be it bike, scooty, motorcycle, or any vehicle, if the accelerator wire’s quality is at par, rest assured, the acceleration of that very system will be smooth and easy.

Why Can Silco Be Your Best Choice For Bike Accelerator Wire?

Have a look at the pointers below to ensure that you are putting your trust in the most reliable automobile control cable/wires manufacturer brand for your vehicle:

  • SILCO CABLES is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company followed by quality and standard assurance of wires for the clients.
  • Every bike accelerator wire that we manufacture at our unit meets OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications.
  • Backed by fifteen years of experience, the supreme-quality wires we manufacture meet international industry guidelines.
  • By using tested raw materials from the most reliable vendors, we eliminate the risk of the flaw in the final product.
  • At our modern equipped production unit, our highly skilled professionals work their best to produce only the best.
  • Our cables/wires undergo the following tests before the final approval. Life Cycle, Proof Load, Torque, Performance, Tensile, Flickering, and Strength.
  • Our processes and techniques of production are monitored continuously for better quality products and the use of up-to-date technology.
  • Can’t find the bike accelerator wire that meets the specialized demand of the model of your bike, or can’t find the wire-like the original you had? Silco has got you covered! Drop in your specifications, and our team will design a custom bike accelerator wire for you, exactly like you wanted.
  • Considering the needs of every customer, our range of precision engineered accelerator wires cover wires in a multitude of specifications.
  • Against the quality we offer, our charges are very nominal.

We believe that safety and design is the heart of any machine. With our driving forces being commitment, customer satisfaction, quality, and excellence, we make sure to come up with the best only. So, if you wish to change you old worn out accelerator wire with a branded, reliable bike accelerator wire, Trust Silco!


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