Speedometer Cables

Speedometer Cables

Silco Cables manufactures best quality speedometer cables for accurate and smooth functioning of speedometers at variable speeds. We conduct torque testing of speedometer wires to provide durable and high performance cables. All cables are manufactured as per OEM specifications, 100% load tested and all materials have been certified to ensure they meet the required specification.

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Speedometer Cables: Control Your Speed When the Limit Exceeds

You are on the road with the full swing on your motorcycle enjoying the feel and suddenly hear the sound of the cop from the side struggling to ask but still asking, can you please tell me the speed of your bike, sir? The chances are that he already knows. Look at the speedometer and wish for the acceptable speed; otherwise, good luck to you!

As a motorist, you must have the speedometer while you are riding at a glance, and you know your instantaneous speed at any given moment. Now, the external digital speedometer we all are very well aware of. But, do you have any idea how this mechanic is made possible? Let’s take a look into and understand universal speedometer cables and the importance of a good bike speedometer cable in detail.

Speedometer works by the law of electromagnetism. According to the simple science rule, the vehicle’s speed can be calculated by the number of rotations made by the wheel. Therefore, to calculate the vehicle’s speed and display it correctly on the speedometer, measure the magnetic force of the magnet attached to the wheel near a sensor.

When the driver starts the bike, or engine, to be precise, the engine turns over, making the driveshaft turn to make the wheel rotate. As a result, the bike speedometer cable turns too, which is powered by the drive shaft. The speedometer cable whirls the magnet attached to the vehicle’s wheel near the sensor. The speed is the same which is inside the speed cup. Now the magnet repeatedly rotates in the counterclockwise direction. All these internal mechanics work in harmony to show your motorbike’s correct speed on the speedometer at any given time or any speed your bike is at that particular moment.


Benefits of Good and Supreme Quality Speedometer Cables

Just like a helmet, a speedometer can be considered as a safety tool for the riders. So, it is vital that the wires and cables responsible for making this mechanic work in a vehicle work properly. Therefore, the role of a good quality speedo cable should not be underestimated. A faulty wire/cable can result in a wrong speedometer reading, which can be followed by accidents or a penalty by the cops without you aware of it.

Quick Glance at the USP of Silco Motorcycle Speedometer Cables

  • All our speedometer wires are Torque Tested
  • Good Tensile Strength
  • Durable, Long-Lasting, Flexible, Robust, and Affordable
  • Fine Finish with double coat for extra protection
  • Water-proof
  • Corrosion-resistant as we use high-quality steel for inner wire
  • Fitment Accuracy
  • Out to multiple tests according to the application ensure efficiency and effectiveness in performance
  • They are in accordance with international industrial guidelines


Why Can Silco Be Your Best Choice For Speedometer Cables?

  • We are an ISO 9001:2005 certified company. All the motorcycle speedometer cables that we manufacture in our modern equipped production unit are as per OEM specifications and meet the international standard set for control cables/wire. 
  • To eliminate the risk of any flaw, our quality check starts with the very first step of buying raw material. We only use the best quality industrial raw material supplied by the certified and reliable vendor of the market. 
  • Our Silco team of professionals is highly qualified and strives every day to meet the expectations of the clients. Silco Control Cables eyes on delivering cutting-edge technology that reduces the workload from the lives of every vehicle owner.
  • We only prefer using the latest technology to manufacture cables and wires. That way, we ensure both Quality and Quantity of speedo cables to fulfill both demand and expectations of our clients. Our technology keeps on upgrading as and when required. 
  • We are always stocked up efficiently with a complete range of speedometer cables to meet the bulk demand of the clients as well as the individual demand of the customers. In case your demand and specifications are not covered in our range list, we offer custom speedometer cables services as well. Connect, tell the details, and we will design a custom speedo cable for you. 
  • Not only the cables but also our packaging is evidence of the level of work of Silco. For hassle-free handling, we ensure excellent packaging standards.
  • According to the application of the cable and wire, all our cables are put to the test before the final approval. The tests are Life Cycle, Proof Load, Torque, Performance, Tensile, Flickering, and Strength.


Backed by fifteen years of excellence, hard work, and continuous success in the market is the ultimate testimonial that speaks for our control cables. With excellence and quality being our driving forces, we have millions of satisfied customers at the peak of our capabilities. If you plan to buy a long-lasting and durable speedo cable at the best motorcycle speedometer cable price, you are at the right place!


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